American Truck Simulator 2015 Free Download

American Truck video game series is very famous in European and American states now latest version of Truck Simulation is based in California. The Game is developed for multi operating system Linux Microsoft Windows Apple OS X its not available for consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. ATS 2016 was released in February 2016.

American Truck is simulation video game and player have to complete their business work in given time frame with their client or contracts. player have choice of verity of truck and trailers to move products and good of suppliers from the warehouse to given destination. After completing of given task you will get decided money of goods delivering.

money will help you to buy new vehicles and if your truck got accident you can repair as well. Player is also able to get more business works after earn money and points player can hair more driver and buy more truck to deliver goods fast and can expend business of transportation and player control all drivers and give them a specific route where driver have to deliver goods this help you to earn more profit and more money in less time and can able to build your company with lot of trucks and employees.